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RISE: Rhenus Integrated Solutions & (Re-) Engineering

Presenting the next step in warehouse management: Rhenus Integrated Solution & (Re)-Engineering or in short, RISE. This web-based warehouse integrated applications suite is the go-to option for those seeking an all-round approach to inventory and stock optimization, with the ability to customize as per user’s requirements. Complemented by numerous customizable reports to ease your business decisions, RISE is the ultimate answer to all the warehousing challenges you might face.

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Which package should you choose?


  • Customers with emphasis on transactional process with essential focus on monitoring and managing inventory level could either go for RISE or RISE+. The difference being that the RISE would only be available onsite, whereas RISE+ would allow end users or end customer real time visibility as well. 

  • Customers with interest in predictive logistics, data analysis and building insights from transactional data should opt for RISE PREMIUM with our Data Analytics Tool pack for dashboarding and visualizations.


How RISE Can Help Manage Your Warehouse Better

RISE covers all the essential activities that you may carry out in your warehouse. Particularly, RISE can help your inventory management by showing accurate and real-time inventory levels 24x7. You can maximize storage space and plan promotions by evaluating slow- and fast-moving goods. You can even access and analyze customized reports. All this using 4G driven cloud-based connectivity. 

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